Project Info

Project info

  • Project Milestone

    In the city of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) five 3D-printed concrete houses will be built. The project is the world’s first commercial housing project based on 3D-concrete printing. The houses will all be occupied, they will meet all modern comfort requirements, and they will be purchased and let out by a real estate company.

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  • What are we printing?

    Five houses will be built consecutively, so every time innovations and all lessons learnt can be applied in the next house.

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  • Why 3D Concrete Printing?

    Concrete has been the most used building material in the world for decades. Everyone is familiar with it, knows what it looks like, where it is used. This is now changing. Experiments have recently started with the 3D printing of concrete. At first glance this seems surprising, the finesse that comes with printing does not fit with the plump character of concrete. Nevertheless, 3D-printed...

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  • Innovation

    The first aim of the project is to build five great houses that are comfortable to live in and will have happy occupants. But behind that there is the ambition to boost 3D concrete printing science and technology such that printed housing, with all it's advantages, will soon be a reality that is widely adopted.

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  • Where are we printing?

    The 3D printed house is planned to be in Bosrijk. Bosrijk is a new residential location in Eindhoven. The development of Bosrijk has high ambitions when it comes to sustainability and spatial and architectural quality. Bosrijk is the first location in Eindhoven that is not connected to the natural gas grid.

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Project Milestone is made possible by

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